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Popular Vore Preferences

Unwilling Vore

These comics feature prey that have no desire to be eaten. They will do whatever possible to survive the predators that are after them. Here are some favorite Unwilling Vore comics:

  • Claire Indominated
  • Men In Black: Redux
  • Pyrrha: Destiny Calls

Soft Vore

For those who enjoy the softer side of vore, these comics make sure they prey is whole and alive when swallowed, no biting or blood. However, these comics still may include graphic digestion. Be sure to check each comics' individual description. Here are some favorite Soft Vore comics:

  • Zara's End: Redux
  • Vorish Things
  • Cinder's Fall

Willing Vore

And these comics feature prey that desire to be eaten. They garner pleasure and excitement from the experience, or are simply curious! Here are some favorite Willing Vore comics:

  • Poison Ivy and the Fantabulous Ingestion of One Harley Quinn
  • Black Widow's Constricting Kink
  • Disney Series: Belle

Giantess Vore

Sometimes women grow to vast sizes and are able to eat normal-sized women! Other times, women shrink, and normal-sized women can eat them. Regardless, size matters here, with comics that feature Giantesses as the predator. Here are some favorite Giantess Vore comics:

  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Vorehood - Part III
  • Poison Ivy and the Fantabulous Ingestion of One Harley Quinn
  • Sweet Treats Are Made Of Z's

Hard Vore

For those who enjoy the rougher, gorier aspects of vore, these comics depict prey being torn apart or chewed before being swallowed. Not for the faint of heart! Here are some favorite Hard Vore comics:

  • Bowsette's Throne
  • How To Feed Your Dragon
  • Resident Evil Series: Claire Redfield

Monstergirl Vore

Sexy crosses between beautiful women and various creatures, these comics feature Monstergirls devouring any women they can get their hands on. Here are some favorite Monstergirl Vore comics:

  • The Shantae Collection: Risky Boots
  • Castlevania: Vore in the Night
  • Frozen Awakenings

Furry Vore

We cater to the furry crowd too! Here you'll find comics featuring sexy furry (non-human) characters as prey and predator. Here are some favorite Furry Vore comics:

  • Disney Series: Nala & Judy
  • Coco's Last Step
  • Lola Bunny's Last Legacy

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