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Frozen Awakenings

Frozen Awakenings

Art by page.artist Nyte

Frozen Awakenings Cover Art

“In Frozen Nightmares, Anna was having horrible dreams about Elsa being devoured by space pirate general, Ridley. Upon waking up, Anna was surprised to find Elsa standing before her…although not the Elsa she was familiar with. Imbued with the power of fire instead of ice, we left off not knowing what this Elsa had in store for her sister.

Now we’ll find out.

A powerful, vindictive, monstrous Elsa plans to reunite with her sister in the most voracious of ways. It’s not the reunion Anna wanted, and she’s praying that she still hasn’t awoken from her nightmares.”

  • Art and Story by Nyte
  • Colors by Tawny

*11 pages including cover; unwilling soft vore; implied digestion/incineration. All character depicted are 18+