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The Shantae Collection: Risky Boots

The Shantae Collection: Risky Boots

Art by Nyte
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The Shantae Collection: Risky Boots Cover Art

This series started a LONG while back when I was still doing the Epic Vore Battles. Shantae vs. Rottytops was one of the most popular of the series, so much that I was commissioned to do a follow up with Rotty eating Shantae’s friend Sky. Risky was planned, but unfortunately plans change, and it had to be put to the wayside…

Until now. :)

Those first two comics are out and about in the wild for free, but they are included in this collection, along with the brand new conclusion, featuring Shantae’s archenemy, Risky Boots!  Rottytops takes on a brand new form in that of a naga, and has a dinner date with the delectable pirate.

Please enjoy!

“Risky Boots has taken a short leave from her nefarious pirating, deciding to lounge in the warm waters of a secluded lagoon. Even in her solitude, her thoughts cannot escape that of trying to figure out how to defeat the biggest thorn in her side, Shantae. It turns out, though, that she is not completely in solitude…and while her biggest problem has actually been solved, its solution has the same plans for the pirate.”

Art and Story by Nyte

Colors by Brittany

*9 pages including cover; unwilling soft vore/unbirth, graphic digestion*