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Frequently Asked Questions

I have questions about the Membership or the Nyte Tokens.
Please check out the FAQ on the Membership page! Most questions regarding those topics can be found there.
I'm stuck on a spinning circle when I click to buy something.
Try turning off any adblockers you may have, reload the page, and try again. If that doesn't work, please visit to make your purchase. This is an issue Gumroad is working on.
My form of payment is being declined or not accepted.
Please reach out to and ask them for further assistance. I cannot help with this matter.
I signed up for a free comic and did not receive it.
Please be patient. Check your spam folder. It is an automated process and sometimes it can take up to 24 hours, but it usually is less than 30 minutes if not only a couple minutes.
How do I find any comics I've purchased from Nyte?
You can quickly access any of your purchased content by visiting, or by simply clicking the "My Comics" link at the top of this page. This page includes any content you've purchased from me or any other creator on Gumroad, no matter how long ago.
I don't have a Gumroad account. How do I re-download comics I previously purchased?
If you bought content but did not create a Gumroad account, a link to redownload your product came with your original email receipt. I can resend if necessary, but I'll need the email you used to purchase.
I'm having issues with Gumroad, can you help?
If you're emailing about any questions regarding Gumroad itself (login issues, what types of payment you can use, still can't access content in your library despite going to, canceling a membership, etc.) please either refer to or email Gumroad Support at
Can I have a refund?
Unfortunately due to the nature of the content being digital, all sales are FINAL. There are no refunds. The only instance I will offer refunds is if you accidentally bought the same product twice, or were mistakenly double-charged for a membership; it happens.
Can I submit a comic request or idea?
While I do read all comments on social media platforms like /r/vore/ and Eka's and take fan feedback into account, I cannot make any promises that your idea will be used.
Can I hire you to make custom art for me?
Unfortunately, I am not open for commissions.
What is the contact info for my favorite vore artist from the Nyte collection?
I unfortunately cannot provide that to you as I must respect their privacy.
I have a question you didn't answer here.
You can email me at I will try to respond within a 24 hour period. I am only one person, so thank you in advance for your patience, and I shall address any issue or concern very soon.