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Current Comics Included:

  • Princess Fiona's Happily Never After - 8 pages
  • Bowsette's Throne 2 - 8 pages
  • Resident Evil Series: Alice - 8 pages
  • Black Cat's Carnage - 8 pages
  • She-Ra: Adora on Beast Island - 8 pages
  • Elizabeth Comstock: Infinite - 8 pages
  • The Lost World: Redux - 8 pages
  • Little Shop of Horrors: Prelude - 8 pages

Current AVC Included:

  • Zara's End Redux - Audio Vore Comic - 4 minutes

Current NSFW Single Illustrations Included:

  • Danny's Dip with Piranhas
  • Baby Doll Defeated
  • Revy as Bait
  • Black Widowed
  • Fairy Tail Vore
  • Mera Escargot
  • Tharja & The Wyvern
  • Slaughter Race Game Over
  • Batgirl Absorbed

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