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Zara's End Redux - Audio Vore Comic

Zara's End Redux - Audio Vore Comic

Art by page.artist Nyte

I’m happy to introduce to you a brand new way to enjoy Nyte Comics, in the form of Audio Vore Comics (AVCs). Sound is so important to the sensual experience, just as much as the visuals. Imagine an action movie with no music, or a comedy tv show with no laugh track. It doesn’t hit the same. Something is missing. My hope is that Audio Vore Comics - aka AVCs - will fill in those blanks and finally help bring what’s in your imagination into reality!

This June is the three-year anniversary of my best-selling comic of all time, “Zara’s End Redux”, so I thought, what a better way to celebrate that comic than by bringing it to life as my first AVC.

I truly hope you enjoy this four-minute-long dive into Zara’s vorish excursion inside the belly of a mosasaur AND a pterosaur. Because there are even more AVCs to come.

  • Art and Story by Nyte
  • Colors by Brittany
  • Voiced by MissMoonified
  • Video and Sound Editing by MonsterChow


4+ minute runtime; unwilling soft vore, mild graphic digestion