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Skyrim: Alduin's Rage

Skyrim: Alduin's Rage

Art by page.artist Vini

Skyrim: Alduin's Rage Cover Art

“Aela the Huntress and Lydia the Thane, led by the infamous Dragonborn, march to the peak of the Throat of the World to confront the dragon Alduin–the World Eater. But when Alduin arrives, they find themselves woefully unprepared. First the Dragonborn must watch her lover, Aela, be torn apart by Alduin’s jaws, and her loyal Thane quickly follows in a blaze of glory.

Seeking vengeance for the fallen, the Dragonborn takes up her sword one last time…only to meet the same gruesome demise as her compatriots. But while the trio has bitten off more than they can chew, they will serve as the perfect meal for Alduin before he brings about the end of the world.”

Art by Vini

Script by Brittany

Edited by Nyte

*7 pages including cover; unwilling hard vore, blood/gore, graphic digestion*