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She-Ra: Adora on Beast Island

She-Ra: Adora on Beast Island

Art by page.artist Aya

She-Ra: Adora on Beast Island Cover Art

“Adora travels to the mysterious Beast Island along with Glimmer and Swiftwind on a mission to rescue Entrapta, who was previously banished to the island. However, when Adora gets separated from her friends after descending into the bowels of the island, her calls to them end up drawing the attention of a hungry predator lurking in the shadows. Normally, this would be no problem for the girl who can transform into She-Ra…except that her own doubts and fears keep her from doing so.

Without that transformation, a hungry beast becomes a much more formidable foe.”

Art by Aya

Script by Brittany

*8 pages including cover; unwilling soft vore, implied digestion*