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Octavia's Nightmare Night

Octavia's Nightmare Night

Art by page.artist Zanny

Octavia's Nightmare Night Cover Art

Aspiring cellist Octavia Melody rehearses backstage in preparation for her solo performance that’s set to take place during the impending Nightmare Night festivities. Unfortunately, before the real fun can even begin, chaos descends upon the event. The Mare in the Moon has had enough of the tiresome stories that sparked this event, and tonight, she’s going to give everypony the Nightmare Moon they can’t stop talking about: the one with a thirst for young pony blood. And her first victim will be none other than the non-believer Octavia Melody.

Art by Zanny

Script by Brittany

Edited by Nyte

*8 pages including cover; unwilling soft vore, non-graphic digestion/evaporation*