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Mavis and Wednesday's Experimental Pleasures

Mavis and Wednesday's Experimental Pleasures

Art by page.artist Aya

Mavis and Wednesday's Experimental Pleasures Cover Art

Love at first bite? xD Ever since we shipped these two together, you’ve asked for more; and that’s made me quite happy because these two gals (Wednesday in particular) are just so much fun to write. In fact, the “willing couple attempting safe vore scenarios” has proven to be a popular subject, so rest assured you’ll see more of it in the future. It’s been great fun to see our library expand to so many different niches. And now Wednesday and Mavis are going to have some fun expanding their experiences…

“Wednesday Addams returns to her family’s mansion with Mavis Dracula in tow, but the girls aren’t ready to settle in yet. The night is still young, so they head into the cemetery for some experimental fun. How will they spice things up this time? Wednesday’s got an idea—one that will test the limits of Mavis’ shapeshifting abilities.”

Script by Brittany
Edited by Nyte
Art by Aya
*8 pages including cover; willing soft vore, non-fatal. All characters depicted are 18+