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God of Vore

God of Vore

Art by page.artist Torn

God of Vore Cover Art

“The furious cries of Euryale, the last standing gorgon in Kratos’ destructive wake, accompany Kratos on her journey through the Island of Creation, seeking to change her fate. Donning the legendary Golden Fleece, Kratos descends into the Temple of Euryale to slay the gorgon…only to discover when Euryale breaks the Golden Fleece that the Sisters of Fate have already altered hers, and it’s not to her benefit.

Euryale will avenge her sisters, and she’ll do so by devouring the infamous Ghost of Sparta.”

  • Art by Torn
  • Script by Tawny
  • Edited by Nyte

**8 pages including cover; unwilling soft vore, graphic digestion. All character depicted are 18+