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Game Over: Metal Slug

Game Over: Metal Slug

Art by page.artist Zafie

Game Over: Metal Slug Cover Art

“Fio and Eri, two members of Regular Army’s Peregrine Falcon Squad, are on a mission that not even the special ops could have trained them for. Used to fighting the human soldiers of General Morden’s Army, their usual tactics prove to be ineffective against the litany of non-human enemies the Mars People have brought with them in their invasion of Earth. A small army of man-eaters want the two women for a meal. And it’s not a question of will they become a meal, but which plants get the prize?”

  • Art by Zafie
  • Colors by Lea
  • Written by Nyte

*8 pages including cover; unwilling soft vore, multiple victims, non-graphic digestion. All character depicted are 18+