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Demon Slayer: Makomo's Final Selection
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Demon Slayer: Makomo's Final Selection

Art by page.artist Aya

Demon Slayer: Makomo's Final Selection Cover Art

“Years ago, Makomo took the next step towards becoming a Demon Slayer by entering the exam known as Final Selection. However, surviving seven nights on the demon-infested Fujikasane Mountain is no small feat, and when Makomo encountered the hulking Hand Demon, her dreams ended along with her life. Now as a stray soul, unable to rest due to her failure, she is forced to relive her final moments in perpetuity.”

  • Script by Tawny
  • Edited by Nyte
  • Art by Aya

*8 pages including cover; unwilling soft vore, very slight graphic digestion, mostly implied. All character depicted are 18+