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Cynthia Unseated

Cynthia Unseated

Art by page.artist Chirpy

Cynthia Unseated Cover Art

“Something has gone terribly wrong at the Pokemon Research Lab. Champion Cynthia returns to find the place in disarray, and her grandmother unconscious. It quickly becomes clear who the culprit is…her very own Garchomp, who has become suspiciously aggressive. Cynthia will attempt to subdue her feral Pokemon before it is able to do more harm, but this is a battle that even a champion has never prepared for. Soon she’ll find out what it’s like to be locked away somewhere tight and small, just like her Pokemon.”

  • Art by Chirpy
  • Written by Tawny
  • Edited by Nyte

*8 pages including cover; unwilling soft vore, implied digestion. All character depicted are 18+