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Catwoman's Ninth Life - Audio Vore Comic

Catwoman's Ninth Life - Audio Vore Comic

Art by page.artist Nyte

This is one of my favorite comics from several years back, and the one that precedes Poison Ivy & The Fantabulous Ingestion of One Harley Quinn. The voice actress for Selina did an AMAZING job bringing Catwoman to life, and allowing us to feel her fear as the treasure she sought after is revealed to be a terrifying mimic. The more of these we make, the better they become, and I believe you’ll be very impressed with the added effects, motion, pacing, and acting. The greatest thief in Gotham City meets her untimely end, and you get to hear every moment of it.

  • Art and Story by Nyte
  • Colors by Tawny
  • Voiced by DornVA
  • Video and Sound Editing by MonsterChow


**Runtime: 4:14 mins, unwilling soft vore, implied digestion. All character depicted are 18+