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Bloodrayne: Mynce as Meat

Bloodrayne: Mynce as Meat

Art by page.artist Stanislav

Bloodrayne: Mynce as Meat Cover Art

“Dhampir agents of the Brimstone Society, Mynce and Rayne, have been dispatched to Mortton, Louisiana to quell a Maraisreq infestation. Rayne proceeds to destroy the nests, sending survivors to the graveyard to be guarded by Mynce. But before Rayne can return, the Maraisreq launch a surprise attack on the graveyard, and Mynce isn’t strong enough to fend them off on her own. She, along with the survivors, are doomed to become a feast for the bloodthirsty beasts.”

  • Inks by Stanislav
  • Colors by Chis
  • Script by Tawny
  • Edited by Nyte

*8 pages including cover; unwilling soft vore, graphic digestion. All character depicted are 18+