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X-Men: Storm Savaged

X-Men: Storm Savaged

Art by page.artist Vincent

X-Men: Storm Savaged Cover Art

After Rogue disappears without a trace, Storm takes to the skies and scans the treacherous landscape of the Savage Lands for any signs of her lost friend and fellow mutant, fearing something dreadful has happened to her. Unfortunately, she can’t maintain flight forever, and her choice of rest stop lands her right in Sauron’s trap, where she is subjected via hypnosis to the same death Rogue suffered–eaten alive by a Tyrannosaurus Rex. But this is just a taste of what Sauron has planned.

He intends to consume not just Storm’s powers, but her body as well.

Inks by Vincent

Colors by Brittany

Script by Nyte

*8 pages including cover; unwilling soft vore, graphic digestion*