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Vault Girl's Lesson Guide #1

Vault Girl's Lesson Guide #1

Art by page.artist Aya

Vault Girl's Lesson Guide #1 Cover Art

My brain. All the comics you’ve ever read have come from my brain, and it works very hard to find creative, new twists so your vore is nice and fresh! This “educational vore” comic has been one of my favorite things to write in a long time. And with all the dangers that Fallout has to offer, I doubt this will be the last lesson you learn from Vault Girl!

“There is much to learn in the post-nuclear world of Fallout. Thankfully, our very own Vault Girl is more than happy to provide a lesson! In the first installment of this handy educational guide, we’ll be learning all about the Gatorclaw…and just how strong this mutant beast’s bite really is.”

Script by Brittany
Edited by Nyte
Art by Aya

*8 pages including cover; unwilling soft vore, implied digestion. All characters depicted are 18+