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The Witcher: Triss' Chapter

The Witcher: Triss' Chapter

Art by page.artist Aya

The Witcher: Triss' Chapter Cover Art

“Triss, Geralt, and Ciri are on the hunt for a monster that has been terrorizing one of the nearby towns, but unfortunately for Triss Merigold, she’s been stuck on sewer search duty alone while Geralt and Ciri travel the great walls together. As it happens, Triss is the one on the right path, but none of them were expecting to find a Zeugl, and Triss isn’t strong enough to take it down by herself when it attacks. With no one to come to her aid, she is doomed to become yet another meal for the beast.”

Art by Aya

Script by DeviantFrankie

Edited by Nyte

*8 pages including cover; unwilling soft vore, implied digestion*