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The Lost World: Redux

The Lost World: Redux

Art by page.artist Torn

The Lost World: Redux Cover Art

Dr. Sarah Harding, an animal behavior specialist, has joined a research team to Isla Sorna (known by the alias Site B, Jurassic Park’s second location). The research expedition ultimately falls apart when the team is ambushed by a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Not wanting to become one of its victims, Sarah and a surviving group seek shelter in a cave behind a waterfall, and for a moment it seems they’re saved from the Tyrannosaur’s wrath. But an unexpected startle from Sarah blows their cover, and the Tyrannosaur bursts through the waterfall to claim its prize: her.

Art by Torn

Script by Nyte

**8 pages including cover; unwilling soft vore, ryona, slight blood, implied digestion**