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Resident Evil Series: Resistance

Resident Evil Series: Resistance

Art by page.artist Chirpy

Resident Evil Series: Resistance Cover Art

“Valerie Harmon and Becca Woolett have been trapped in the lab by Annette Birkin as part of a test, in which they have been made the unwilling prey for the Umbrella Corporations monstrous bioweapons. The girls put up a good fight, but a hungry Yateveo has its sights set on Valerie, and when a Hunter Gamma descends on Becca before she can save her friend, the fates of both girls are sealed. Neither of them are getting out of here in one piece. The actual test may be a failure, but at least Annette is getting the delicious data she needs.”

Art by Chirpy

Script by Nyte

*8 pages including cover; unwilling soft vore, graphic digestion*