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Mavis Dracula's Temporal Pleasures

Mavis Dracula's Temporal Pleasures

Art by page.artist Lucy

Mavis Dracula's Temporal Pleasures Cover Art

“Mavis’ 118th birthday party takes a turn for the sour when her father, Count Dracula, loses his temper after she kisses the human boy Jonathan. To make matters worse, Jonathan is now giving her the cold shoulder as well. But she’ll be damned if this ruins her birthday. She has an idea, made all the more enticing by the fact that it would royally tick off her father if he knew. She and her friend-with-benefits Zeke, the young Temporal Worm on night guard duty, have recently been in talks about a shared fantasy.

And tonight, she hopes to make that fantasy a reality.”

Art by Lucy

Script by Brittany

Edited by Nyte

*8 pages including cover; willing, non-fatal soft vore*