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Little Shop of Horrors: Redux

Little Shop of Horrors: Redux

Art by page.artist K.K. Tofus

Little Shop of Horrors: Redux Cover Art

This is one movie that certainly needed the Redux treatment! In one version of the movie, Audrey gets saved from the voracious Audrey II, and in another, she dies after being rescued, and is THEN fed to the plant. But that takes all the fun screaming and struggling out of it! So now we get to see it the way it should have gone.

For those unfamiliar, Audrey is duped into coming to Mushnik’s Florist by the man-eating plant named after her, Audrey II. It tells her it’s hungry and dying, and so she believes it just needs some water. But it needs a lot more than that! Her.

*7 pages including cover; unwilling vore, implied digestion*

Written by Nyte

Art by K. K. Tofus

Colors by Brittany