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Left Vore Dead

Left Vore Dead

Art by page.artist Joaquin

Left Vore Dead Cover Art

We definitely have dabbled in hard vore over the years. I mean, we’ve got a whole section of it in our library. I know it’s not as frequent as the other stuff – we do our best to cater to a wide variety of vore preferences. Though, in the almost 7 years that I’ve been producing comics we have not actually released a comic featuring zombie vore specifically. For those who have been waiting, I hope you enjoy. :)

“Separated from her comrades Bill and Francis, former college student Zoey runs alone through the Infected-ridden streets of Fairfield. Hoping to find her comrades there, she heads in the direction of Mercy Hospital, but before she can make it, she’s intercepted by a horde in an alleyway…where she’ll meet a fate not unlike a scene from the horror films she so adores.”

  • Script by Nyte
  • Art by Joaquin

*8 pages including cover; unwilling hard vore. All characters depicted are 18+