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Disney Series: Pocahontas

Disney Series: Pocahontas

Art by page.artist Torn

Disney Series: Pocahontas Cover Art

“Pocahontas’ best friend, Nakoma, has gone missing, and there is no trace of her to be found. Hoping the wisdom of Granny Willow will show her the way, Pocahontas makes a stop during her search to speak to the old tree spirit…only to discover she’s not so old nor much of a granny anymore. Something strange is happening, and Pocahontas will get to the bottom of it and learn the sinister truth behind her best friend’s disappearance…but not until she’s headed towards the same fate herself.”

  • Script by Nyte
  • Art by Torn

*8 pages including cover; unwilling soft vore, graphic digestion. All character depicted are 18+