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Attack on Titan Series: Mikasa

Attack on Titan Series: Mikasa

Art by page.artist Nyte

Attack on Titan Series: Mikasa Cover Art

“Having emerged from her crystallized state after several years of reflection, Annie Leonhart seeks an alliance with her former enemies to further her newfound goals. But when Mikasa Ackeman refuses her terms, unwilling to slay Eren Jaeger in order to thwart his calamitous rampage, Annie decides to forcibly remove Mikasa from her path by transforming into the Female Titan and using the most unforgiving weapons in her arsenal: her teeth…and her stomach.”

  • Written by Nyte & Tawny
  • Art by Nyte
  • Colors by Tawny

*11 pages including cover; unwilling soft vore, graphic digestion, ryona. All characters depicted are 18+