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Asami's Offering

Asami's Offering

Art by Nyte
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Asami's Offering Cover Art

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Includes “EVB: Korra vs. Metroids”


“Several weeks have passed since Avatar Korra fell victim to the Metroid Queen. The Avatar’s ever-loyal polar bear dog, Naga, blames Asami Sato for the death of her owner–her companion–and Asami willfully shoulders the blame. But how could she have known where the spirit realm would take Korra?

In effort to gain Naga’s forgiveness, shed her guilt, and to perhaps be reunited with her lover, Asami offers herself to Naga–flesh, bones, and all.”

Story and art by Nyte
Colors by Brittany

*9 pages including cover; semi-willing vore, implied digestion*

*Korra vs. Metroids: 5 pages, unwilling vore, disintegration*