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Where is Nyte's Deviant Art page?

As I’m sure many of you have noticed, as of February 14th DeviantArt decided to end their relationship with me and permanently suspend my account.

It was a lovely Valentine’s Day gift. 💔

In all seriousness, despite having witnessed my artist peers being purged from the changing platform and knowing full well it could happen to me at any time, it does not soften the blow. The owners of DA are taking the platform in a direction that no longer includes our passionate community. That is the truth of the matter.

However, other truths are that this turn of events does not mean our community is through. It does not mean that Nyte Comics is through. My DA account may be gone, but it cannot take away what it helped us build.

I’m thankful for DeviantArt. I had the account for over 16 years. I’m 39 years old, and I started sharing my vore art there when I was a wee lad at 22. If it were not for DeviantArt, I would not have the incredibly supportive fanbase that I have today. Many of you have become extremely close friends.

DA is where I met Tawny, my colorist and colleague, my heart and soul. She works so hard behind the scenes to make sure you all get the best quality comics we can produce. I’d be nowhere without her.

DA is how I found my entire team of artists. The most “junior” team member has been with me for three years now, and the rest of my team has been working with me for 5 or more years. Without DA, I wouldn’t have had the honor of creating with them and building such wonderful foundations and relationships. I’d be nowhere without them as well.

And while DA didn’t lead all of you to me, it led a very large portion of you! Especially in the early days of my career. My team and I would be nowhere without you. These going on nine years of business would not have happened with you.

So thank you. And thank you, DeviantArt. It’s sad to see what built us disappear, but there is still a road ahead.

That road is not without its trials and tribulations. The actions taken by DA are part of a larger effort to snuff out artists like myself, my team, and my peers in the community. Those actions are compounded by a very difficult world to navigate for almost all people right now.

I am doing my absolute best to make sure we persevere. That may include some growing pains, and I thank you for your patience and continued willingness to support us through these growing pains and through the obstacles we face in the world at large.

This is simply the start of a new chapter for Nyte Comics. I don’t believe it will be the last. With your help, it most certainly won’t be.

If DeviantArt was where you went to stay updated with us, do not fret!

While the easiest way to keep up with what we’re doing is to join our free newsletter, we can be found on many other platforms:

No matter where you follow Nyte Comics, I’ve got some killer art coming your way.

Farewell, DeviantArt, and thank you for blessing me as you have.

Yours truly,